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    A green blockchain project for everyone!


    for your body and the planet!


Our project

Together, we can make a difference!


"Ecological system proof of stake"

We've changed the way cryptocurrency is mined. You no longer need a very expensive computer to mine a transaction.
With your motivation to ride a bike, you can interact with our EcoChain Blockchain.

Our goal

Our innovative project merges blockchain technology with an ecological and sustainable approach: mining powered by human power, using bicycles.

Our mission is to redefine the Blockchain of tomorrow by making it more environmentally friendly through sport.

I pedal to recharge the battery on the bike.

The tablet mines on the "ECOCHAIN" Blockchain.

I become a "miner" and earn $NVEC coins.

By using our on-bike technology and practising your daily sport, you power our dedicated tablet . This is connected to our own "EcoChain" blockchain and allows you to mine the native coin, the $NVEC , which you can resell on partner exchanges or simply on our Bridge.

Our Wallet

We are developing our own secure 2FA Wallet to store your $NVEC.
To build a complete ecosystem, we are in the process of developing a secure portfolio.


The requirements of the MICA Act (Europe)

Together, we can make a difference!

The European Union is seeking to harmonise this entire market by proposing common regulations called MiCA for Markets in Crypto Assets, which is currently under discussion in Parliament.
Unifying the regulation of cryptoassets at European Union level will simplify and balance the various companies in the ecosystem, and guarantee the establishment of a competitive and innovative market.

Our Mission Statement

Building an Ecological Financial system.

Here is the roadmap

1st quarter 2024

Tests of the next connected devices.

2nd quarter 2024

Validation of the design office for the bicycles.

3rd trimester 2024

Testing bicycles and bikes with blockchain.

4th trimester 2024

Creation of the final connected bike.


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